Welcome to Majestic Cosme!

Unleash Your Inner Beauty with Majestic Cosme

As a Japanese skincare brand, we are committed to providing the highest quality beauty solutions that cater to your every need, with results visible in as little as 4 days.

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident, and with Majestic Cosme, you can experience that feeling every day.

Our Story

Majestic Cosme is a growing Japanese brand with a presence across the globe. The brand was established in 2016. Our aspiration is to make our cosmetics available in as many countries as possible.

The driving force behind our endeavor is the quest to know the human being at its most diverse form. For us, this itself would be a big achievement. With growing convergence and communication, it has been much easier for us to make our product offering to the world and it’s been their appreciation that has kept us going.

We believe the nature that surrounds us has been built to protect us. Thus the product of nature can never harm us. If we can therefore adopt natural ingredients for the development of our product it should definitely be better than the products that are made without them.

We have tried through our products to take you close to nature. Constant innovation and development help us deliver products with newer features and enhanced applications.

  • Our mission

    Become the most trusted cosmetics company in the world. We promise our customers to never compromise quality and to always deliver the high standards that our customers are used to.

  • Our philosophy

    Our philosophy is skin-first. Instead of covering up skin issues with makeup, we believe that it’s best to treat the root of the cause while embracing real skin.