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Magel Poly gel 30ml

Magel Poly gel 30ml

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[Features of Magel Polygel]

◆Hard and strong length can be easily made.

◆Transparency after hardening is outstanding, too.

[All 8 colors of Magel poly gel]
◆ Clear
◆Snow White
◆Clear pink
◆ Baby pink
◆ Rose brown
◆Sparkle Fire
◆Sparkle Marigold
◆Sparkle Orchid

[Details of Magel Polygel]

■ Contents: 30ml (in a tube) ¥1,650 (tax included)

■ Type: Hard gel

Compatible light: LED light or UV-LED light

* Estimated curing time: LED light 90 seconds ~


・Please use a base gel that has been registered as a cosmetic product.

・If the gel is hard, leave it for a while or warm it before using.

・Do not force it out.

・Keep out of reach of children.

It is recommended to use "Majeru Base" together.

Also, you need a nail form to lengthen with poly gel.

【how to use】

1. Care, sanding and degrease

2. Nail tips size matching

3. Apply base gel and cure

4. Pour the poly gel into the nail form from the tube,

Use a brush with a cleaner to blend it in.

(Be careful not to get sticky by applying cleaner each time.)

5. Once the thickness is evened out and blended to the desired length,

Set the nail form with about 1 mm of opening instead of the edge of the nail bed.

*Do not harden immediately, check the side,

Make sure that the root does not protrude from the cuticle.

6. Curing.

7. After hardening, slowly remove the nail form and use a file to adjust the shape and length.

8. Apply top gel and cure. Complete.

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