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magel nail tips

magel nail tips

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This is a long nail form for polygel. It plays the role of a base when creating nails that are longer than your natural nails with gel nails or sculpture. By using Nail Form, even those who have weak nails and cannot grow them can easily enjoy long nails.

It can be installed with one touch, making it easy for anyone to use, and it comes with a guideline to guide the finished product, so you can choose the length as you like.

This nail form is very easy to create for both square and oval type nails. It has a scale so you can get the same length.

This is a great value set containing 10 nail forms of different lengths and widths in 1 case.

Easy-to-use scale included / Length tip foam exclusively for Polygel | Can be installed with one touch / Anyone can use it

◆ 10 sizes, 10 pieces each

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